An increasing number of businesses are considering Ukraine as a primary destination and opening their own offices there. In fact, the country has one of the best pool of academically trained destination. But making a team productive is a challenge because cultural values and mindset still inherited from the Soviet era have an impact on people’s approach to work. We are dedicated to individuals planning to start a business or seek work for an international business, Investor in Ukraine helping to develop the cultural proficiency and mindset for your business or for your employer. Using Elokuio workshops, they’ll gain the insights and skills you need to be comfortable and successful when working with them. Also by recognizing how your own cultural values influence your workplace behavior. Our Agency is equipped to make your Business embrace ecommerce having an effective digital strategy is about more than just having a website.


It is important, as you start out your journey as an entrepreneur, to really have your mindset in the right place.

When we say your mindset, we refer at the way that you think, because the way that you think will dictate the results that you get in your business. Most of the failures in business or with people who are entrepreneurs is that they have no collateral thinking. There are some simple things that you can change in the way that you approach things. Learn the right attitude, It is truly your choice of how long you hold in to bad situations.

Business Training

We do also provide services on site. Our customized workshops and programs cover standard business practices.

emphasizing business attitude and mindset including business etiquettes, communication, culturally diverse awareness, customer service, HR, supervision, initiative, negotiation skills, sales training, floor management, mentoring. This workshop is not intended for just when you consider starting a business, but does includes all the tools to shape a mind in a “business” way, and able to design a career that has the flexibility to grow with you.

Funds for Business

There isn't any magic, nobody is waiting in the wings to throw money at you just because you have a new and exciting business idea.

There are many additional creative options available for starting a business. We’ll explore the Ukrainian reality and we’ll encourage you to think seriously about each option, before you choose on one or two, and get totally discouraged if those don't work for you. Many future Entrepreneur think that family and friends are a prime target,but providing that your Idea/Business has a well written plan there are many options.